The Purdue Foundry: A Startup Story

Purdue University has long been known as a world-class institution and a generator of world-changing innovation. So in 2013, when President Mitch Daniels challenged the leadership of the Purdue Research Foundation to amplify the impact of the intellectual property being developed on campus, they responded by launching the Purdue Foundry – a hub for practical entrepreneurial support in starting companies that carry the ideas and innovations of Purdue faculty and students out of their labs, beyond academia and across the globe.

Since those early days, the Purdue Foundry has achieved great success. Having been declared #3 in the US for enabling university IP startups by IP Watchdog and facilitating the creation of more than 340 companies within our first 7 years, the Purdue Foundry has proven it can amplify the innovation happening on the Purdue campus.

Now it’s time to expand our mission. Of course we’re still enabling startup creation. But we believe we can do more – more to accelerate the time-to-market of an early stage startup and more to ensure that startup’s long-term success. More to amplify their impact.

That’s why the Purdue Foundry now offers a series of cohort-based programs, independent workshops, individualized coaching, networking events, grant-writing support and investment opportunities – all within a carefully constructed ecosystem designed to help our founders ideate, validate, launch and scale their startups.

We don’t just start companies.

We move world-changing ideas and innovations to world-changing IMPACT.