State Launches Fund to Fuel Smart and Advanced Manufacturing Startups

June 02 2020

Governor Eric J. Holcomb announced this past Friday that the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC), in partnership with Elevate Ventures, will launch a $3 million fund focused on smart and advanced manufacturing in Indiana.


Handwashing Goes Mobile

May 31 2020

As the world begins going back to work and corporations struggle to find new ways to keep their workforce healthy, there is a renewed emphasis on hand hygiene. Founder and Purdue Foundry Firestarter alum, Angie Washburn, saw an opportunity for her emerging startup, Project Process, to play a significant role in the fight against the spread of COVID-19. Project Process’ mobile hand washing system was originally designed for bed-ridden patients in hospitals. But just as evidence was mounting that Washburn’s patient-focused mobile hand washing device was reducing the spread of infection in hospitals, the COVID-19 crisis overwhelmed the healthcare industry and diverted the attention of potential clients.


Jayson Lusk discussed discovering food supply chain challenges and opportunities.amid COVID-19 on Foundry Grounds remote.

Ruminations on Solutions to the COVID-Related Food Disruption

May 17 2020

There were two distinct waves and causes to the disruptions in our food sector during the COVID pandemic. The first occurred in mid- to late-March when there was a near shut down in restaurant and food away from home sales and a corresponding spike in demand at grocery stores.


Answering the Call

April 12 2020

​Purdue faculty, staff, students, and alumni are acting quick in response to the growing challenges of COVID-19. Boilermakers all over the country are answering the call to help stem the tide of COVID-19.


When Time Gets Tough, Just Show Up

May 03 2020

We may have a few more weeks of social distancing, but you still need to show up – now is the time to prepare for your next big success.


Chasing Capital in the Shadow of COVID-19

April 22 2020

Entrepreneurs today should be focusing on positioning their companies for future growth, not necessarily chasing capital during this time of social distancing. They should be asking themselves “How can I use this time of disruption and quarantine to position my company for its future?”

There is a future and it’s incumbent on all of us to be prepared for it. From James McIntosh’s Streetwise opinion column in the Wall Street Journal: “The coronavirus pandemic will eventually be behind us, maybe soon, maybe not. Either way, the scars will long persist for an entire generation of investors and future managers now living through what is rapidly becoming the deepest downturn since World War II.”


Greg Deason joined us for Episode 1 of Foundry Grounds Remote

That Virus is Trying to Steal My Community!

March 29 2020

“We welcomed all of you that wanted to be part of our movement and you joined us by the thousands to in one way, shape or form, join this awesome community…and then along came a virus.”

Senior Vice President of Entrepreneurship and Place Making Greg Deason encourages Purdue Foundry’s Innovation Community to be creative and take action during this time of social distancing.


Overcoming Stress to Make Better Decisions as an Entrepreneur When Your World Is Upside Down

April 05 2020

As many of you already know, starting a company is fun. All the possibilities are in front of you, and you’re filled with hope and enthusiasm. Eventually, you get into a daily routine of acquiring customers, building products, and running the company. Stress begins to creep in more and more - and that’s when things are ‘normal.’

What about now, when everything is up in the air? When you can’t even do the things you NEED to do to start or keep your business going?


Entrepreneurs Should Act Fast to Combat COVID-19 Losses

April 05 2020

Owners of start-ups and small businesses should take immediate action to learn how applying for loans provided by the CARES Act may benefit them.



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