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Take 6: Kyle Mohler, Insignum AgTech

Purdue University alumnus Kyle Mohler is founder and CEO of Insignum AgTech, a startup company that creates plants to warn growers of an early-stage infection so crops can be protected. Insignum AgTech…
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Take 6: Liane Hart, Verility Inc.

Take 6: Liane Hart, Verility Inc. Purdue University alumna Liane Hart is CEO and co-founder of Verility Inc., which uses proprietary machine learning frameworks for rapid, low-cost and accurate assessment of…
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Take 6: Zach Adams, Pitch Aeronautics

Zach Adams, co-founder and chief engineer, Pitch Aeronautics. (Photo provided by Zach Adams) Zach Adams flies an F-15E Strike Eagle for the United States Air Force, performing air-to-air and air-to-ground…

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