Purdue Foundry invests in Senteon, a cybersecurity startup

Senteon cybersecurity technology secures servers and workstations by enabling various security configurations and removing unused features. The company completed a round of seed funding that includes an investment from the Purdue Startup Fund. (Photo provided/Soumil Kumar from Pexels) WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Senteon, a cybersecurity startup founded by Purdue University alumni, completed a round of seed […]

Take 6: Kyle Mohler, Insignum AgTech

Purdue University alumnus Kyle Mohler is founder and CEO of Insignum AgTech, a startup company that creates plants to warn growers of an early-stage infection so crops can be protected. Insignum AgTech and Verility Inc., led by Purdue alumna Liane Hart, both received a $100,000 investment from the Purdue Ag-Celerator, an agriculture innovation fund operated by Purdue Foundry with […]

Take 6: Liane Hart, Verility Inc.

Take 6: Liane Hart, Verility Inc. Purdue University alumna Liane Hart is CEO and co-founder of Verility Inc., which uses proprietary machine learning frameworks for rapid, low-cost and accurate assessment of livestock semen and ovulation samples. The company has recently begun seeking seed-stage funding for its fertility platform called Fertile-Eyez, which provides immediate point-of-care testing. Read more […]

Take 6: Zach Adams, Pitch Aeronautics

Zach Adams, co-founder and chief engineer, Pitch Aeronautics. (Photo provided by Zach Adams) Zach Adams flies an F-15E Strike Eagle for the United States Air Force, performing air-to-air and air-to-ground missions; he earned his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from Purdue University’s College of Engineering in 2016; he also designed and developed the first-ever cyclorotor hybrid […]

Take 6: Claudia Nari, Inari Agriculture

                                                                     Claudia Nari is chief product officer at Inari Agriculture, a new breeding technology company designing nature-positive seeds for a more sustainable food […]

Spotlight on Inari Agriculture

Today, we focus on Inari Agriculture, a new breeding technology company designing nature-positive seeds for a more sustainable food system. Flagship Pioneering founded the company in 2016. Who is Inari? Inari Agriculture CEO Ponsi Trivisvavet inspecting plants in the company’s greenhouse. (Photo provided by Inari Agriculture) Inari is the SEEDesign™ company, combining artificial intelligence-powered predictive […]

Running Out of Cash – Reason #2 for Startup Failure

In our last post, we talked about the #1 reason that startups fail – solving a problem that doesn’t exist (referred to as “No Market Need”). The second reason listed in the September CB Insights report was “Running Out of Cash”. There’s not a lot of context here, so let’s look at what causes “running out of […]

Why Startups Fail

Bar chart of top 20 reasons startups fail

By Bill Arnold CB Insights had a post back in 2017 based on an analysis of 101 start ups that failed. It is interesting to note that the number one reason given was “We created a solution that didn’t have a problem”. In other words, the founders became convinced that they knew who the market […]