The Startup Foundry helps startups prepare for venture investment. Our team works with early-stage startups looking for their first-money-in and prepares them to raise their first seed round. This is done by offering early-stage funding, entrepreneur-in-residence support, enhanced pitch coaching, graphic design services, and an emphasis on increasing traction.  

Coaching to Win

Entrepreneurs can often feel like they are running head first into a wall… repeatedly. Sometimes, that’s exactly what you have to do to break that wall down so you can move past it. But most times, there’s a better (and safer) way to get around that wall. It’s times like these when you need the advice and counsel of someone who has walked that road before you.

The Startup Foundry has entrepreneurs on staff and a host of Entrepreneurs-in-Residence who have been there. They are willing to share their experience to help you navigate the frustrating, thrilling and potentially life-changing experience of creating something extraordinary. That help may mean assisting with an executive summary or a pitch deck, it may be introductions to industry experts – or it may mean rolling up our sleeves and hashing it out at the white board. Whatever path is required, the Startup Foundry is ready to help you drive toward your unique solution.

So, if you’re a founder and need some support getting past a particular challenge, give us a call. Our mission is to help you improve the world.