Productive Networking Created by  Intentional Interactions

The Purdue Foundry has been developing a startup ecosystem in the Greater Lafayette area for more than 8 years. And while we have grown our network of founders, R&D specialists, industry experts and venture capitalists; COVID 19 has taught us that we can expand that network and enrich the quality of connections that are made through intentional interactions. Based on that understanding, we are launching several new events in the coming months that are designed to bring the right people together around specific topics of interest to and challenges faced by our startups.

Individualized Connections

Our new talent-matching services will enable founders and mentors to find the right connections. If you’re looking for support or mentoring opportunities, please contact our Director of Entrepreneurial Talent, Baylee Neff.

For Founders with specific, time-sensitive needs, the Purdue Foundry continues to offer 1:1 coaching with Foundry staff. This is a great opportunity to connect with us and learn if we can help with your unique needs or facilitate meaningful introductions.

If you’d like to connect or have requests, please contact us at

Interested in Mentoring a Startup?

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