Handwashing Goes Mobile

May 31 2020

As the world begins going back to work and corporations struggle to find new ways to keep their workforce healthy, there is a renewed emphasis on hand hygiene. Founder and Purdue Foundry Firestarter alum, Angie Washburn, saw an opportunity for her emerging startup, Project Process, to play a significant role in the fight against the spread of COVID-19. Project Process’ mobile hand washing system was originally designed for bed-ridden patients in hospitals. But just as evidence was mounting that Washburn’s patient-focused mobile hand washing device was reducing the spread of infection in hospitals, the COVID-19 crisis overwhelmed the healthcare industry and diverted the attention of potential clients.

While selling into an overwhelmed health system became increasingly difficult, Washburn and her team were not daunted. Project Process targets hand hygiene with a device that makes hand washing doable anywhere – opening up an opportunity for Washburn and her team to prevent the spread of infections on a larger scale.

Through customer discovery, Washburn and her team quickly collected data that pointed to a specific need for the device for delivery personnel. From there, the team iterated on the product and marketing strategies to make it accessible not only to delivery personnel, but to other market segments requiring mobile hand hygiene. Washburn explained that the goal became to give each person access to soap and water, “whether an individual is traveling, is confined to a bed or has limited mobility, or is simply some place where a traditional sink is not available – Project Process can help reduce the spread of infection with our mobile device.”

In a serendipitous moment on Foundry Grounds Remote, Washburn met Nate Hartman, Purdue Dauch Family Professor of Advanced Manufacturing and Head of Computer Graphics Technology. Hartman was spearheading Purdue’s manufacturing of PPE and offered to help Washburn tweak her prototype. Cost and manufacturing strategies were specifically analyzed by Hartman to allow Project Process to progress quickly and meet the growing demand for hand hygiene. According to Washburn, “with Nate’s help, we’ve been able to get further in the last month with product development than we had in the previous 12 months.”

As a member of Purdue Foundry’s second DDX cohort, Washburn received help filing a patent. With a solid product, a patent pending and gaining customer traction, Project Process is now generating sales on a larger scale. A demonstration video (below) showcases how easy and convenient it is to use Project Process’s technology – any time and any where.

Project Process is currently offering pre-orders on its website, undergoing beta testing at selected healthcare facilities, and providing units to delivery personnel. “There is no limit to who this product can help and how many will benefit from it,” says Washburn.

Visit www.project-process.com/pre-order/ to learn more and place an order to bring hand hygiene with you wherever you go.

Source: Angie Washburn, CEO and Founder of Project Process, LLC

Writer: Ashley Fritz


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