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J-1 Visa Program

A J-1 visa is a non-immigrant visa issued by the United States to research scholars, professors and exchange visitors participating in programs that promote cultural exchange and international collaborative research.

The J-1 program at Purdue is frequently used to provide opportunities for individuals to pursue scholarly, academic and research pursuits at Purdue as well as for students participating in exchange programs.

In conjunction with the Purdue Foundry, Purdue University utilizes the J-1 visa program to assist individuals with obtaining a J-1 in order to research the entrepreneurial processes of ideation, business model generation, business plan creation, customer discovery and ultimately creating and launching a new venture.

The Indiana Department of Workforce Development has partnered with Purdue University and the Purdue Foundry on this program to encourage the creation of new ventures in Indiana.

The Process


Individuals wishing to pursue J-1 visa status for entrepreneurial activities will work jointly with the Purdue Foundry and Purdue University to request the documents required for the visa application from the International Students and Scholars office. Applicants will need to demonstrate their plans to pursue entrepreneurial activities related to the creation of new ventures. Applicants will be expected to demonstrate:

A commitment to participation in Purdue Foundry programs such as LaunchBox (ideation), Business Model Creation, Commercialization Planning and Collaboration with Entrepreneurs in Residence.

A commitment to participation in networking and entrepreneurial activities including: Foundry Grounds, Spirited Entrepreneur, Foundry X.

A commitment to participation in educational seminars and activities of the Foundry.

Sufficient funding to support living and other expenses while at Purdue.

A commitment to and sufficient funding for establishment of a business location at Purdue at a Purdue Foundry supported location like the Purdue Research Park and The Anvil.

While the J-1 program allows for up to five (5) years total in the United States. Participants in the Purdue Foundry program will be supported for the following:

An initial support for a two (2) year period that may be extended contingent upon compliance with the commitments above.

Annual extensions of up to a total of two (2) extension years.

A final one (1) year extension may be available on an exception basis only.

How To Apply


To apply for the program, please contact:

Emily Bear
Burton Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship Administrative Assistant

Larissa Clinton
Purdue Foundry Operations Manager


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