Drew Schumacher


Troy Fiechter



Engineering Manager

Job Description:


  • Improve robot’s durability, safety, speed, cost, and usability
  • Complete projects on time, on budget, at specified level of quality
  • Maximize business value through engineering IP, knowledge, process creation


  • Manage autonomous robot, cross-functional product team that’s setting records in Ag
  • Work with mgmt. to build engineering plans/reqs/budgets to support business goals/reqs
  • Switch quickly between people, project and technical management
  • Hire, train, evaluate, coach, fire in order to hit goals (team size growing from 5 to ~15+)
  • Optimize progress with short iterations (weeks) that prioritize MVPs and data over ideas
  • Prioritize problems, help team solve, getting “dirty” (hands-on) when needed
  • Manage engineering process, docs and knowledge system

Potential Project Examples:

  • Revamped sampler machine design
  • High performance obstacle detection system
  • Robot can perceive and follow crop rows
  • New app for easier operator control of robot and enabling offline data sync mgmt.

Desired Profile


  • Great communicator, problem definer and solver, core values fit
  • Breakdown problems with physics, trig, calculus & algebra
  • Test design & execution, data analysis & presentation
  • Computer literacy (ppt, excel, docs, proj mgmt tools, reporting)

Core Skills:

  • Driven to achieve massive results in high pressure timelines
  • Clear Plan Creation: Engineering Req’s, Budgets, Test Specs / Quality Stds
  • Excellent leadership: clear desired results, accountability & growth-coaching
  • Project Management: define goals, measure real progress, hit targets
  • Process Oriented: crank engineering machine faster and more efficiently
  • Speak different “technical languages” - mechanical, electrical, software

Core Experience:

  • Top 10% Individual contributor as technical engineer (3+ yrs)
  • Successfully leading cross-functional/cross-system eng. team (3+ yrs)
  • Electro-mechanical (hard/soft) systems (3+ yrs)
  • Building & executing engineerings plans on target (req’s & budgets)
  • Managing engineering documentation & knowledge
  • Applications: vehicle or machine or robot products, rugged products


  • Principles: Six Sigma, Lean Engineering, Lean Process & Product Dev, Lean Startup
  • Skills: Vehicular Design, Manufacturing Experience, Physics Simulation/FEA

Start Date & Location

  • Start in May-June 2020; Willing to work in Wolcott, IN / Lafayette, Indiana area

Compensation / Benefits

  • Full-Time Salary (based on market, experience, & skill)
  • PTO - Flexible Vacation Plan (Self-managed as long as you get your work done)

Why apply?

  • Work with exciting Ag-technology for a purpose.
  • Work with an amazing, quickly growing team.
  • Challenge yourself to grow in many different areas.

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