Innovators are Simply Sharing their Impact Story when Pitching

May 13 2019

​May 13, 2018, by the Foundry Media Squad

As the winners of the 1st Prize People’s Choice Award at the 2019 Ag+Bio+Science Start-Up Showcase, NutraMaize knows how to tell a story. “One of the challenges that founders face when trying to commercialize a highly technical innovation…” Evan Rocheford, CEO, stated, “is unpacking their products value proposition and repackaging it in a way where it makes sense to people who have maybe never even thought about their specialized little corner of one particular industry … and makes it compelling”

And that is what NutraMaize does best. Their carotenoid-rich orange corn developed by Professor Torbert Rocheford of Purdue’s Agronomy Department, is a marvel of human-guided natural selection. Unpacking the specifics of the process, Evan continued, “How do you get a chihuahua from a wolf? They’re radically different. Really, what it comes down to is generation after generation of applying selection pressure for certain traits.”

NutraMaize also benefits from the prolific nature of corn. “One of the major advantages we had going into the competition is that our technology is something that touches everyone’s life. Corn is the basis of our food system in America. I didn’t have to convince the crowd that corn is important, so I could focus on conveying the scope of our innovations impact. That if we make corn better, we fundamentally improve the American diet.”

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