Starting a Career at a Startup Company.

March 11 2019

March 11, 2019 by Purdue Foundry Media Squad

“It takes a really good work ethic and a love for ambiguity. It’s for people who don’t want to be just another cog,” Jimmye Ahn, Director of People Operations at Crafty, explained when asked what it takes to work at a startup.

Crafty was one of the over 30 startup companies showed up to the inaugural startup career fair late February to capitalize on the draw Purdue talent has to working for startup culture rather than a more established company culture.

Ahn started her career at a big corporation, but soon left to join a startup. She saw the full life cycle of that first startup from beginning until she was eventually laid off, but she hadn’t had enough yet. She moved on to Crafty, signing on as their first employee. “To see the journey has been incredible,” she said.

Julius Byrd, a freshman in finance, came to the career fair looking for internships with a small company. He said, “What draws me to startups is the fact that a lot of startups have a small group of motivated people working. They know they are at the bottom, and they want to work their way to the top and keep gaining knowledge and skills and power.”

The Student Entrepreneurship Council has plans to grow the career fair next year. They want a bigger space, more attendees, and more employers. The council is working to expand the networks available to students to tap into the entrepreneur ecosystem, including finding work outside of the traditional ring of established employers. On February 28th, the Purdue Student Entrepreneurship Council hosted its first ever Startup Career Fair with around 400 job-seekers and 30 companies in attendance.


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