The Business Pivot on Hiring That Led to Willeder

April 15 2019

April 15, 2019, by Purdue Foundry Media Squad

Most stories of successful entrepreneurs start off with a eureka moment. However, in Willeder’s case firing a third co-founder was what revealed their true idea.

The co-founders, two Purdue computer science graduates, Rei Orikata and Pritesh Kadiwala, have developed a web platform to allow startups and job seekers to see a more genuine look at each other during the hiring process.

They originally started with the vision of finding a way to pair students with the perfect university through sharing experiences not just rankings. Then they met their third co-founder, and their views on hiring changed completely.

It was after finding out that their third co-founder was not a good fit, that they were drawn to the HR tech space. “We didn’t have a choice but to sit and talk with our third co-founder and reflect back on his contributions to the company. That is when I realized that a person’s personality is much more important than a person’s skills,” Kadiwala said.

They could now clearly see the crucial problem they wanted to solve wasn’t in higher education but in recruitment and retention for startups. Kadiwala says, “We help companies streamline the process of hiring.”

“HR tech is a good space to be in,” Pritesh says, although there are many companies that try to solve a similar problem Pritesh mentions that their uniqueness is in providing a quick visual overview of the culture for small and mid-sized companies. Willeder connects the people interested in entrepreneurship to companies where they can bring a meaningful impact through their work.

Currently, Willeder is in the launch phase and has users on the website. They encourage Purdue students interested in internships or full-time positions to create their profiles on and make their job search easier.

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