Bill Arnold

Managing Director

Bill Arnold is the Managing Director of the Purdue Foundry, responsible for all Foundry activities related to commercialization of technologies and entrepreneur education. His initial work at the Foundry was as an Entrepreneur in Residence, coaching teams and companies that had come through the educational programs. Seeing an opportunity to enhance the programming of the Foundry to produce stronger teams and companies, he took on the role of Program Manager, facilitating Firestarter and Market Validation cohorts for entrepreneurs based on the Lean Launchpad methodology. Prior to joining the Foundry, Arnold served in multiple executive management roles, primarily in the financial services vertical. His most recent role was Chief Executive Officer at Member Support Services LLC, a startup in Cranbury NJ. His first startup was formed in 1995 and had a successful exit in 1997. In addition to his role at the Foundry, Arnold is also Founder and General Manager of Kingfisher Consulting, providing strategic planning, technology innovation, and technology planning services to financial services firms. He holds a master’s degree in artificial intelligence from the University of Georgia. You can schedule time with Bill.


General Interest