German Schäfer

Founder, CEO & Inventor

CEO, Founder and Inventor, Bioprocess Engineer, MSc. In Science, Technology and Innovation Management. PhD. Candidate in Chemical Engineering. 15 years in operations and executive roles. Mr. Schäfer has worked in research and management positions for several years, developing leadership, negotiation and strategic planning skills. He has successfully implemented State-University-Industry agreements. His areas of interest are: entrepreneur productive and social projects, scientific collaboration for innovation, knowledge and new technologies management, global and local cooperation, biodiversity research, agroindustry, biorefineries and international relations and business. Currently Bioprocol`s CEO is a Visiting Scientist at LORRE; German is working in particular the Characterization of Naturally Derived Saponins.


Bioprocol, founded in 2004, generates value by developing natural materials from plants and taking advantage of Colombian biodiversity. These compounds can be converted into final products for human health and well-being or used as raw materials for the co-creation or development of high added value innovations with pharmaceutical, cosmetics and nutraceutical laboratories. The company preserves the environment and does advanced research with plants (bioprospecting) for drug and multifunctional phytoingredients discovery, from the world’s most diverse natural resources, which hosts near 10% of the planet’s biodiversity. In 2014, Bioprocol signed the first Genetic and Biological Resources Access Contract with the Environmental Authority of Colombia. This contract allows Bioprocol to bring Colombian Biodiversity to the World. In 2014 and 2015, the Patent, which consists in a process to obtain an extract from Solanum Genus plants, was registered in Colombia and USA; the natural ingredients obtained from this