Rick Lusiak


Rick Lusiak (CEO) has a Biology/Chemistry Degree from Indiana University and has 22 years of sales and management in the medical device industry. Rick Founded BREAKWALL Technology in 2014 and resides in Carmel, IN.

John Armentrout


John Armentrout has 42 years of model building experience with Allison Transmission/Abrams Tank, Forsythe/Petit Racing (Indianapolis, IN), and 23 years with General Motors in the development of the Chevrolet S10, Silverado, Yukon, and Suburban. John resides in Indianapolis, IN

Tom Coyle


Tom Coyle is a 20 year Veteran NCIS Agent with a background in profiling, working along with the FBI and ATF for Military and Civilian safety from inside and outside threats. Tom retired from NCIS in 2015 and is CEO and Founder of Talson Security Solutions ( Tom resides in Carmel, IN.


BREAKWALL Technology has created BREAKWALL Absorption Technology (BAT) which is an “absorption” material/technology to block/absorb Electromagnetic Low Frequency (ELF) and Electromagnetic High Frequency (EHF) electromagnetic radiation. An example of a similar product, in a different vertical, is sunscreen (which filters out UV radiation). BAT can be incorporated into existing materials (polymers, films, coatings, fabrics, etc.) and integrated into polymers commonly used in injection molding. BAT can reduce or prevent exposure to electromagnetic radiation without compromising existing product functionality.

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are a type of low-frequency electromagnetic radiation emitted from most electrical products including, automobile cockpits (due to the radio signal and electronic componentry) cell phones, microwave ovens, and Wi-Fi routers. EMF’s emanating from such devices can be attributed to notable health risks including brain tumors, attention deficit disorder (ADD), autism, non-specific headaches, insomnia, and confusion.

BREAKWALL Technology has been developing proof of concept applications and explored options for our business model(s). Additionally, BREAKWALL Technology has completed the following: Registered as an Indiana company, as Cosmicstop, LLC (EIN 81-2733417), assembled an initial launch team and two C-Level appointments, filed US Provisional Patent No. 62/326,059 (March 2016), voice of Market Assessment in several markets, developed working prototypes for smart meter covers, electronic enclosures (wireless routers, computers, game consoles, etc.), cellular telephone cases, developed partnerships / relationships with Indiana-based injection molding manufacturers, secured corporate counsel (IP and general counsel), Identified possible sources of seed funding.


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