Scott Silliman

Founder & CEO

CEO Scott Silliman is an alumni of Purdue CGT and Entrepreneurship. He is the creative force driving the Catefouries ideation machine, pushing his peers to bring their expertise beyond the confines of the familiar and into the realm of innovation.

Klay Simmons

Founder & Lead UX Architect

Lead UX Architect Klay Simmons is an alumni of Purdue CGT with a focus in UI/UX design. Klay’s user-centric design skills were further honed in his time at Avanade in Chicago where he worked on major projects including sites for The Canadian Red Cross, Delta, and several Fortune 500 companies. Klay’s design philosophy takes the creative output of his peers at Catefouries and adjusts their vision through the lens of the consumer to create something truly special.

Justine Vogie

Founder & Lead Visual Designer

Lead Visual Designer Justine Vogie is an Alumni of Purdue CGT with a long history of artistic visual design. Justine brings to the company a true love for the smallest of details. With several years of professional design experience under her belt, Justine offers both an artists vision and a technical knowledge that sets her apart from her peers.

Greg Konkle

Founder & Chief Engineer

Chief Engineer Greg Konkle is an alumni of Marian University and IUPUI with degrees in both Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics. Greg handles all things hardware at Catefouries and is tasked with the monumental job of bringing the teams ideas into reality. Greg strives to use his knowledge not just to create, but to design products that help the world and aid others in reaching their fullest potential.


Catefouries LLC is a consumer-design oriented product development firm. We are a breeding ground of ideas and a collective of highly trained designers, developers, engineers, and entrepreneurs passionate about making those ideas a reality.


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