Michael Goldman


Since discovering his love of software development, Michael has built many a hackathon project, immersed himself in the entrepreneurial community at Purdue, started a company, and taken on leadership roles to improve the community which helped him get to where he is now. Dissatisfied with existing productivity tools, he co-founded Dunmo LLC with Jeremy Meyer, building a more intelligent system to manage users’ tasks and time for them. Michael’s focus within Dunmo has shifted from building the technology alongside Jeremy, to leading the team and driving growth. Michael is also a Software Development Intern for Rook Security.



A sophomore studying chemical engineering, Richard has always been drawn to art in its many forms. In freshman year of high school, he began pursuing various projects to further his knowledge in web development. In early summer of 2015, Richard joined the team to help redesign Dunmo. He envisions creating a user experience that people would enjoy and love. Currently, Richard is on a co-op rotation with Kimberly-Clark Corporation, returning to campus for the spring semester.

Jeremy Meyer


Jeremy Meyer met Michael Goldman in the fall of 2014 with an interesting problem. How could he fit homework, extracurriculars, hackathons, and personal projects into his schedule? He soon discovered Michael had the same problem, and at MHacks V, in January 2015, Dunmo was born. He’s currently working at IOHK in Osaka, Japan as a full stack javascript developer, and will return to Purdue in the spring. When he’s not helping solve problems of global decentralized identity management, he’s hacking away on Dunmo in his remaining free time. Jeremy is the lead developer and CTO of Dunmo, LLC.


Dunmo was born out of a dissatisfaction with existing productivity and time management software. Michael and Jeremy entered Purdue’s Boiler incubator competition, setting out to build a more intelligent system. Dunmo came out with 2nd place and a web app able to prioritize your task list and schedule task work into your day. Since then, they have overhauled the app design and are continuously improving the app to help you manage your time with ease.


General Interest