Dane Rudy

Co-Founder & CEO

Dane is a graduate of the Purdue University School of Mechanical Engineering. He has held an engineering role at Orbital ATK, a full time research position at the TU-Braunschweig Institute for Avionics in Germany, and Northrop Grumman Corporation as a vehicle engineer. Dane has completed the national I-Corps program through which Leo Aerospace has gained a better understanding of the small satellite ecosystem. Dane is the CEO of Leo Aerospace and will actively manage the team and lead the communication of technical work. In his free time Dane enjoys rock climbing, surfing, and mountaineering.

Bryce Prior

Co-Founder & Vice President of Operations and Strategy

Bryce is from Nashville, Tennessee. He is a graduate of the Purdue University School of Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering where he studied space propulsion and vehicle design. He has held a full-time research position for the Institute of Aerodynamics and Flow Mechanics at the German Aerospace Center in Braunschweig, Germany. Bryce has previously interned with, and is now an employee of Northrop Grumman. At Northrop, Bryce works as a Propulsion Engineer for James Webb Space Telescope and as a Test Engineer for a wide variety of cryocooler technologies. For Leo Aerospace, Bryce serves as the Vice President of Operations and Strategy. When Bryce isn’t working, he enjoys a wide variety of extreme sports, from surfing and wakeboarding to rock climbing and skiing.


Leo Aerospace is developing a small satellite launch system that will provide timely launch, tailored destinations, and freedom of design for microsatellite manufacturers, researchers, and the U.S. government. We will provide customized launches using a Rockoon, a rocket launched from a high altitude balloon platform. This system provides a cost-effective and dependable launch solution – driving increased space-related activity by commercial, civil, and defense markets.


General Interest