Robert Bott

Founder & CEO

Robert Bott is the CEO of Paperclip Fitness, Inc. Before founding Paperclip Fitness in 2015, he was an officer of Marines for over a decade. His experience includes five deployments, including three combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and two deployments on ship in the Pacific region. Before joining the Marine Corps, he was a software developer for SAIC where he created modeling software for battlefield simulations. Robert graduated with a Master’s of Science from Purdue Polytechnic Institute in 2015. He has a B.S. in computer science from the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

Joe Fleagle

Director of Marketing

Joe Fleagle is a current Master’s student in Krannert School of Management and a B.S. in Management and in Marketing recipient from Purdue University. Joe has also received his Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Purdue University. Joe is the current Director of Marketing, in charge of Customer Discovery, interaction with the public, and sales for Paperclip. With Emerald Green Organics, LLC, Joe is a Business and Finance Consultant for the company, and strives to create an ever-increasing portfolio of investors for the company. Recently, Joe has been given another investment opportunity into Solar Wind Storage, LLC (Energy Engineering Company).

Corey Seliger

Chief Technology Officer

Corey Seliger serves as the Chief Technology Officer for Paperclip Fitness. In this role, he drives the technical vision for the Paperclip Fitness software platform. Currently, Corey is a Master’s student within the CIT program at the Purdue Polytechnic Institute. He received his B.S. in Computer Technology at Purdue University in 2001. Over 15 years, he has held various technical and leadership roles within Purdue’s central IT organization, ITaP. Corey has lead several enterprise-scale system deployments, developed software, and successfully ran Core Software Systems, a computer consulting business in central Indiana.


Paperclip Fitness helps recreational facilities build community, retain patrons and sustain operations. Our software improves the rec by providing a social hub that transforms the experience for patrons, and helps build all-important community that keeps them coming back for more. The tools provided to the staff help managers make better decisions about the facility, sustaining efficient operations, reducing costs and providing a better service to their customers.

Our goal is to improve lives through technology and make a real and positive impact on people. With our work we hope to create the recreation and wellness center of the future.


General Interest