Wes Crouch

Co-founder & CEO

Wes earned his B.S. in Biology and Chemistry from Ball State University in 2016. Prior to Studytable his background consisted of Business Development for Trane and United Technologies, as well as marketing for WazeCarpool.

Joe Crouch

Co-founder & COO

Joe earned his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from University of Evansville in 2016, after doing an assembly co-op with Toyota improving their production systems. His product design and CATIA experience has led him to leading teams at Honda, Triumph Aerostructures, Bell Helicopter and Gulfstream Aerospace. He’s recognized for his work at Gulfstream where he Architected and created design / manufacturing interior automation for the Gulfstream G650, eliminating code inefficiencies and now saves Gulfstream $20m/year

Hyndavi Uppala

Head of iOS Development

Hyndavi earned her B.S. in Computer Science from St. Peter’s Engineering School in India, then immigrated to America for her Master’s in Computer Science from the University of Texas, Arlington focusing on iOS development.


Being broke and falling behind in your classes are all too common woes of the college student. We decided to provide solutions to these problems and make college some of the best years of students’ lives. That’s why we developed Studytable, a knowledge-sharing app that enables students to earn cash by providing study support and easily access help via their peers on our network. With a UX/UI team formerly designing for marketplaces like Tinder and Uber, this startup obsesses over clean product experiences and crafting a consumer-brand in the edtech space. Parents and students can benefit from this student-centered app that was designed to make sharing knowledge easy, and attracted investors and advisors from the likes of a Harvard MBA, Fintech CEO’s and a former Dean from Butler University.


General Interest