Milad Alucozai

Co-Founder & COO

A graduate of Purdue University’s Honors Program with a degree in Neuroscience, a Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and a minor in Political Science. Milad strives to be a unique blend of scientist, entrepreneur, and humanitarian. He has continually sought global discourse on health care, traveling to Nepal, Colombia and Ethiopia for science-based, humanitarian purposes. He has invented four technologies, has been involved in numerous startups, and has received two Purdue Technology Commercialization and Entrepreneurship Innovator awards. Milad has worked at multiple research institutes, has co-authored multiple abstracts and papers, and has presented at scientific and corporate conferences. Prior to Symmetry, he worked as a researcher in Purdue’s Multiphysics Lab. He was recently chosen to receive the highly prestigious Mitchell Scholarship that is awarded to up to 12 Americans for study and cultural immersion in Ireland, a global hub for the pharmaceutical industry.

Jon Brestoff Parker

Co-Founder & CEO

As a scientist and inventor in the obesity and diabetes space, Jon has published his work in high impact journals such as Nature, Cell, and Nature Immunology and wrote a major textbook on clinical research. As one of 12 Americans who received the prestigious Mitchell Scholarship (2009-2010), Jon earned his Masters in Public Health (1st class honours) in epidemiology and biostatistics from University College Cork of the National University of Ireland system. Subsequently, Jon earned his Ph.D. in Cell and Molecular Biology from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, where he received multiple scientific awards and secured substantial NIH funding. Jon has also been recognized with the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship, the Rozendaal Outstanding Citizenship Award, and the Skidmore College Young Alumni Achievement Award. Jon graduated from Skidmore College summa cum laude with majors in Biochemistry and Exercise Science and was the student body president.

Thomas H. Reynolds

Co-Founder & CSO

With more than 25 years of experience as a successful scientist, T.H. is an Associate Professor of Health and Exercise Sciences at Skidmore College. He has received numerous grants from the National Institutes of Health in the area of insulin action and metabolism and has published numerous high impact papers that have made essential contributions to the fields of obesity, diabetes and metabolism. Dr. Reynolds received his Ph.D. in exercise physiology from the University of Maryland and conducted his graduate work in the laboratory of Dr. Samuel Cushman at NIH. His post-doctoral training consisted of fellowships in world renowned labs at the University of Virginia and the University of Pennsylvania. T.H. is an active scientist and educator, and he is the world’s leading expert in the biology of SYM401.


Symmetry Therapeutics, Inc. is an early-stage biotech company developing a new class of anti-obesity pharmaceuticals. Obesity is one the most pressing health issues today, with a high toll on health that accounts for about 20% of healthcare expenditures in the United States every year. The health and economic consequences of obesity are unsustainable. And anyone who has struggled to lose weight knows that sometimes diet and exercise aren’t enough, and that people could use another option to help them in their efforts to improve their health. That’s why we started Symmetry Therapeutics. And that’s why we are translating our patented scientific advances into meaningful therapeutic options for patients.


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