Jeffery King

Co-Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer

Jeffery King, CPA, serves as President and CFO. Mr. King is a certified public accountant with considerable business operations and executive level management experience. Mr. King founded and managed a successful single family home building company, a mortgage origination business serving the home building operation and the mortgage refinancing sector, a residential framing business as well as an excavation/dirt moving company. Mr. King later served as Division Chief Financial Officer and Division Vice President for a top 10 national publicly traded homebuilder, as well as Division President for a top 15 privately held national homebuilder.

Steven Gottlieb


Steven Gottlieb, MD, is a physician serial entrepreneur that actively invests in and advises entrepreneurial companies. He most recently served as CEO of TeamHealth Anesthesia, the national anesthesia division of TeamHealth (NYSE: TMH)– one of the largest providers of outsourced physician staffing solutions for hospitals in the US. Previously, Dr. Gottlieb was co-founder, CEO and President of Anesthetix Management, a leading national provider of anesthesiology and pain management services for hospitals. He successfully led the company through its growth and development, including a private equity investment by Summit Partners in 2006, and its acquisition by TeamHealth (a Blackstone company) in 2009.


WALLOPWEAR, LLC (the “Company”) is a Delaware limited liability company, organized in 2013, with corporate offices in Palm Beach County, Florida. The Company seeks to disrupt a portion of the multi-billion dollar polymer foam market to become the leading supplier of tunable foam components to major manufacturers of defense, commercial and consumer products worldwide. The Company holds the worldwide exclusive rights to a proprietary silicone foam technology developed at Purdue University. The Company’s patented foam technology outperforms traditional foams in many respects. Most notably, it provides a solution for many of the performance deficiencies currently exhibited by traditional state-of-the-art polymer foam technology, such as inconsistent mechanical properties during force absorption, slow recovery time, poor blast mitigation, poor sound mitigation, inability to perform across a wide thermal spectrum, and degradation from environmental factors (UV/Bacteria, etc).


General Interest