Connecting active industry players with Purdue innovations to collaboratively bring them out into the world.

With the Purdue Foundry Exchange (FoundryX), we are inviting industry players to come alongside our technology experts with the hope that they will fill the business end of the startup equation through roles as advisers, mentors, employees, C-suite executives and even Co-founders.

Going from left to right, the three columns in infographic represent talent from industry, Purdue innovation, and the Purdue Idea Economy. Following the theme of a foundry - “tools” and “blacksmiths” come to the table in the form of services and expertise from industry. Purdue startups and intellectual property are added to the equation, representing the “raw materials” and “ingots” for the smiths and tools to be applied to. Add some “heat” to the foundry, or in this case investment to the exchange, and the outputs are “gold” and “silver”, or businesses and licensed technologies.


FoundryX Mentors


Jeff Eschbach

CEO, Page Vault

Michael Stoppelman

SVP of Engineering, Yelp

Kristen Cooper

VP, Sticksnleaves & Founder, The Startup Ladies

Victor Gutwein

Managing Director, M25 Group

Matt Hunckler

Founder, Verge

Jason Tennenhouse

Founder/Owner 10 IN HOUSE Strategy & Design

Kent Hiller

VP Market Development, Cureatr

Amanda Thompson

Entrepreneur in Residence

Eddie VanBogaert

Partner, Earlybird

Bruce Schechter

Member of the Band of Angels

Chloe Morrical

Venture Analyst, High Alpha

Darwin Ling

CTO/Co-founder SmarterMe, Angel Investor

Larry Loehr

Director-Business Development

Michael Shepard

Entrepreneur in Residence

Jack Tanselle

Managing Director, Huron Consulting Group

Aimee Kandrac

Co-Founder & CEO, WhatFriendsDo

Arnold Chen

Entrepreneur in Residence

Matt Weismiller


Brian Wolff

President & CEO, Parker Technology

Kay Kuenker

VP, Dow AgroSciences (retired)

Debra Echt

Entrepreneur, Consultant

Paroon Chadha

Co-Founder & CEO, Passageways

Chris Lee

Business Development Exec

Beth Bostwick


Steve Thrash

CEO, Partner, Board Member SERVCO LLC

Tony Petrucciani

Managing Partner, VisionTech Partners

Joshua Driver

Founder, Open For Service

Chad Pannucci

Director, Business Development, Pearl Pathways

Bob Boehnlein

CEO, Perscio

Chad Miller

Engineer, Musician

Katherine Crowley

Cofounder, the Lala

Molly Longest

Co-founder, the Lala

Jay Fehnel

Principal, Johan Advisors

Lonnie Bentley

Co-founder BATS

Barrington Owens

Caterpillar Innovation Incubator Operations Director

Meredith Gradle

Founder & CEO, Iris Works

Trent Decatur

Managing Director, WestBridge

William Nelson

President & CEO, Humatec

Rob Diebold

Corporate Development, Molex

Matthew Lynall

Professor, Krannert School of Management

Ben Pidgeon

President, Venture Club

John McDonald

CEO, CloudOne

Anurag Garg

Co-Founder / CEO, DATTUS

Adam Weinstein

Rich Redelfs

Former CEO and VC

Paula deWitte

Shawn Holstein

President, Holstein Aviation

Dave Schwab

Senior Manager, Accenture Digital

Glenn Johnson

Managing Director, BlueVine Ventures

Mark Cisneros

CEO, Nutrabiotix, Inc.

Daryl Starr

Entrepreneur in Residence

Michael Shewmake


Adam Naramore

Program Manager, Orbital ATK

Chris Hodges

President & CEO, GoGig

Tim Peoples

Entrepreneur in Residence

Chris Pearson

Managing Director, Gulf Key Advisors

Brett Highley

Senior Account Executive, DoubleDutch

Keith Johnson

CEO, PawedIn

Mike Zentner

Entrepreneur in Residence

Tom Wright

Founder, Red Cannonball

Jeff Powers

IBM Executive (retired)

Amar Anumakonda

Technology Commercialization Executive

Mikel Berger

Partner, DelMar & Co-founder, MatchBOX


General Interest