Firestarter | Cohorts launching January 17 & January 18

A cohort-based program for founders looking to start a company in the next 3 -9 months. We teach founders processes to clarify the problem they’re solving and the value they are delivering – from the customer’s perspective. Working within a cohort to define problem-market fit, each founder or team will develop elements of their business model in each workshop and present to the cohort for feedback and pressure testing of both their ideas and presentation skills. Firestarter is the first step in derisking your startup. 

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Market Validation | February 21st , February 28th, March 7th, and March 21st

You have a clearly defined problem and you have developed a set of hypotheses to test regarding your customer. In this program, you will learn to conduct customer discovery interviews, perform the interviews, and share the results with the cohort. The point of this is to validate that the customer you think you will be serving has the problem that you think you are solving for them. In addition, you will learn about the Business Model Canvas, technology development roadmaps, and building your team. 

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Business Model Development | Dates TBA

Get down to the details of your startup plan. Who is on the team, and who do you still need? What’s the revenue model look like? Will the customer buy the product? At a price that makes for a sustainable business? What’s the regulatory pathway? How will you get to manufacturing? What legal structure will the business entity have? What do the initial financial models for the business look like? If you have determined through Firestarter and Market Validation that it makes sense to start a company, this is your next step (or set of steps)!  

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