Newly launched philanthropic component to Back a Boiler already impacting Purdue students

September 14 2017

The Pave the Way program, which launched this fall as a philanthropic component to complement Purdue’s Back a Boiler income share agreement initiative, has already impacted seven undergraduate students.

“Receiving funding from the new Pave the Way program allows me to keep pursuing my dreams toward the career I want,” said Amy Wroblewski, a senior studying management and strategy and organizational management from Lafayette, Indiana. “After graduation, I hope to pay it forward by donating to Purdue to help future Boilermakers pursue their career aspirations.”

In addition to Wroblewski, two other seniors and four juniors from the College of Engineering, Krannert School of Management, Purdue Polytechnic Institute and College of Science received funding this fall.

Students who apply to participate in Back a Boiler, which offers education funding in exchange for an agreed-upon percentage of post-graduation income over a set number of months, may also apply for available funding support from the Pave the Way program.


NSF-funded center at Purdue could help power U.S. for next century

September 12 2017

The National Science Foundation has chosen Purdue University to lead an engineering research center, which will develop new technologies to produce fuels from U.S. shale-gas deposits that could inject $20 billion annually into the economy.

The new approach proposes to convert light hydrocarbons from shale gas into chemicals and transportation fuels using a network of portable, modular processing plants. It is estimated that there is enough energy in shale to provide all of the nation’s transportation fuels for a hundred years.

Purdue’s Center for Innovative and Strategic Transformation of Alkane Resources, or CISTAR, has received the highly competitive NSF engineering research center designation. It is one of only 19 currently active ERCs in the United States and one of four new ERCs announced this year. The NSF announcement is available at (CISTAR is pronounced See-Star.)

The NSF will provide $19.75 million over five years for the center. Industrial and university partners will contribute additional funding and critical resources.


Purdue@WestGate entrepreneurial experts advance economic development in Southern Indiana

September 12 2017

Startup experts are already working with entrepreneurs in Southern Indiana to advance technology commercialization, startup creation and economic development at Purdue@WestGate as part of a multi-county partnership among WestGate Authority, Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane Division (NSWC Crane), Purdue University and Purdue Research Foundation.

Entrepreneurial experts Drew Peyronnin and Douglas Rapp are serving as entrepreneurs-in-residence at the WestGate Academy Conference and Training Center, utilizing their business expertise to assist startups with entrepreneurship and commercialization activities.

Greg Deason, senior vice president of the Purdue Research Foundation and director of innovation and entrepreneurship at Purdue’s Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship in Discovery Park, said Peyronnin and Rapp offer a broad range of expertise that can help innovators take their companies to the next level.

“With the addition of Drew and Doug along with the strong Purdue@WestGate team already in place, the Purdue Foundry footprint is clearly visible in the WestGate Crane area,” Deason said. “There is a healthy appetite for entrepreneurial resources in the area and the Purdue Foundry, with its partners, are ready to deliver. For example, we have had over 100 people attend our first two Spirited Entrepreneur events in August and September. We anticipate a strong attendance as well in October.”


Schurz Innovation Challenge at Purdue Fall 2017

September 12 2017

The Purdue Foundry is hosting the seventh Schurz Communications Innovation Challenge at Purdue University this Fall. The challenge is a chance for Purdue University students to test their creativity and skills in the area of online and mobile media technology.

About Schurz Communications

Schurz Communications, Inc., is a Mishawaka, Indiana-based news and information company that consists of cable, newspaper publishing and digital media. The company publishes daily and weekly newspapers in medium and small markets. It also owns cable companies and phone directories.

Geographically, Schurz Communications has a presence in Arizona, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, Nebraska, Pennsylvania and South Dakota. More information regarding Schurz Communications can be found at their website

Who should participate?

Any Purdue student, or team that includes a Purdue student, who would like to:

  • Work in online media technology
  • Has an innovative idea in the area of media technology
  • Would like to work on developing and creating a prototype for their idea with the guidance of an experienced mentor
  • Of course, win prize money


Indiana Biosciences Research Institute, universities partner to unlock life sciences discoveries

September 07 2017

The Indiana Biosciences Research Institute has partnered with four Indiana universities to license available life sciences technologies at pre-defined terms. Ball State University,Indiana University, Purdue University and the University of Notre Dame have signed onto the agreement.

The agreement will enable the IBRI more rapid access to available technologies that can be combined with its own research to create synergies and help commercialize technologies more quickly.

“With this arrangement in place, the IBRI will be able to unlock the value of discoveries being made at the state’s top research universities by further developing them or combining them with other technologies and bringing treatments to patients and innovations quicker to market,” said IBRI chief scientific and innovation officer and incoming CEO Rainer Fischer. “Successful commercialization will provide a return to the IBRI, to the universities that contributed intellectual property, and ultimately, to the state of Indiana in the form of economic growth.”

The memorandum of understanding streamlines the process for licensing of university technology and removes hurdles to acquiring valuable technologies and helping speed ideas to market. It also accelerates the IBRI’s mission to bridge the gap between universities and industry.


$100,000 in cash prizes for upcoming Purdue business competition

September 07 2017

Purdue students participating in the Burton D. Morgan Business Model Competition should attend one of three callout informational sessions, each scheduled for 6 p.m. on Sept. 12, 13 or 14.

The annual competition held by the Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship in Purdue’s Discovery Park offers extensive hands-on opportunities for Purdue students to develop and improve transferrable business skills and receive cash prizes totaling $100,000 to be used by winners to further commercialize their product or service.

The competition is the third-oldest business competition in the nation that has centered on the creation of a business plan. This year, the competition will focus on another key business need — documenting and refining an effective business model.

“In the last 30 years, the competition has been highly successful at helping students write plans that can transform innovations into viable businesses,” said Arnold Chen, managing director of the Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship. “The shift to creating a business model illustrates how the competition is continuing its long history of adapting to provide students with the tools they need to impact the world with their innovations.” In the past five years alone, two winners have been named to Forbes 30 under 30 list, and six finalists have raised over $4 million in capital.


More than $10,000 in cash prizes for media tech contest; Purdue student registration deadline Nov. 22

September 07 2017

Purdue students interested in submitting their creative and innovative ideas in the Schurz Innovation Challenge @ Purdue should attend one of the following callout sessions:

• 6 p.m., Tuesday (Sept. 12), Rawls Hall, Room 1086.

• 6 p.m., Wednesday (Sept. 13), Honors College and Residences, south building, Room 1054.

• 6 p.m., Sept. 14. Wilmeth Active Learning Center, Room 1132.

The eighth annual Schurz competition, organized by the Purdue Foundry, is sponsored by Schurz Communications and gives students a chance to win cash prizes for their innovations.

“The Schurz Innovation Challenge allows students to create prototypes that help bring innovative ideas to life,” said Greg Deason, senior vice president of the Purdue Research Foundation and director of innovation and entrepreneurship at Purdue’s Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship in Discovery Park. “Students have the opportunity to gain valuable business skills while competing for cash prizes.”


Smart phone student engagement platform seeks to bridge gap between lecturers and students, boost academic integrity

September 07 2017

Purdue-affiliated startup eLecturic, Inc. is developing a platform that promotes student engagement in lecture environments by allowing real-time communication between students and professors.

Varun Mavilla, a student in Purdue University’sDepartment of Electrical and Computer Engineeringand co-founder of eLecturic and Charlie Sloan, a finance and management major at Krannert School of Management and CEO of eLecturic, developed their platform to encouraging students and professors to uphold academic integrity in lecture classrooms.

“Current educational aids have drawbacks that allow for many academic integrity violations by students across America today,” said Sloan. “Both students and professors are aware of the issue. Our application has a foolproof method to eliminate academic integrity violations in the classroom.”

“We believe these academic integrity violations take away from the value of education,” Mavilla added. “Hoping to resolve this issue, we started brainstorming and came up with eLecturic.”

eLecturic’s technology allows professors to pose a question for an entire lecture class and allows students to respond individually, all through the app. From this instantaneous feedback, professors can better understand the students’ acumen. This platform can be downloaded onto a smart phone, tablet, or laptop.


‘Purdue World’ accelerates social entrepreneurship programs, fast-tracks global impact

September 06 2017

Purdue Research Foundation and Purdue University officials on Wednesday, August 23, announced the launch of “Purdue World,” a global project to accelerate its social entrepreneurship programs that can contribute to the welfare and advancement of human societies throughout the world.

“Our focus of Purdue World is to involve students, faculty, alumni and partners across disciplines to help improve the lives of people. As we embarked on this venture, we discovered that Purdue is already doing these things in a very big way, and the creation of Purdue World helps us enhance what is already taking place,” said Ron Ellis, Purdue Foundry general manager of social entrepreneurship and commercialization. “It’s important to keep in mind that entrepreneurship does not need to be profit driven, and Purdue wants to focus on the positive contribution its research can make on people’s lives everywhere.”


Novel antimicrobial polymer receives EPA approval

September 06 2017

Nouvex, an antimicrobial additive technology clinically proven to be effective against bacteria as well as select viruses and fungi received approval from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Pesticide Programs, Antimicrobial Division, as a material preservative.

Nouvex represents a new approach to solving the problem of microbial contamination of materials with the potential of reducing or eliminating microbial induced degradation in a variety of materials such as textiles, thermoplastics, powder coatings as well as water and solvent based coatings. In addition to the proven efficacy of Nouvex against a wide range of microbes, Nouvex technology possesses ow toxicity and biocompatibility with mammalian cells enabling a wide range of potential applications.

Poly Group LLC, a company based located in the Purdue Research Park of Southeast Indiana is commercializing the Nouvex technology. Poly Group received a global license for the technology from Purdue Research Foundation Office of Technology Commercialization in 2010.