LAUNCH: Blast Off

All of your customer discovery and testing through the ideation and validation phases has paid off. You’ve reduced as much risk as you can up to this point. Now it’s time to turn your attention to launching your new product out into the world. Let’s start the countdown together… 3, 2, 1


Every successful startup requires a final boost to blast through that gravitational pull. The Purdue Foundry’s Boost accelerator helps startup founders blast through the pitfalls that can kill many early stage startups’ inability to get early traction.  Startups accepted into the accelerator will spend 10 weeks in a cohort led by various industry professionals, mentors and EIRs all working together to help each startup take those first steps that prepare them to achieve giant leaps.

Upon acceptance, each team will receive a $5,000 grant. Over the 10-week cohort, each team will design and iterate on growth hacking experiments that prepare them for pre-seed or seed stage funding. A final pitch to a panel of investors can result in a $25,000 investment by the Purdue Foundry and an auspicious start to an early-stage investment round.

What will you accomplish?

  • Test your business model
  • Develop a customer acquisition strategy
  • Find repeatable sales model
  • Build financials and refine a pricing strategy
  • Define a defensible IP strategy
  • Learn how to build a winning team
  • Create an equity strategy
  • Connect with industry experts and mentors

Who should apply?

Innovators and idea generators who have validated both problem-market and product-market fit. Founders on the cusp of or in the early days of launching a product.

What will you earn?

  • $5,000 grant upon acceptance to Boost
  • Access to industry experts and entrepreneurial mentors
  • Introductions to venture capitalists
  • License to Crunchbase
  • License to Hubspot CRM
  • Membership to the Purdue Foundry online community

When to apply?

We are not accepting applications at the moment. Please check this page periodically for updates.

An investor wants to know that an entrepreneur is focused on the right problem, understands the riskiest assumptions, and is judiciously utilizing the resources they have control over to solve and adapt. There is no better measurement at the earliest stages than the way in which they have crafted the right experiments and are utilizing the data.


Landon Young


Elevate Ventures

Jet Packs

Time-of-need Online Courses

Moving from idea to impact is a daunting task and for first time founders, the path is riddling with concepts, topics, and challenges they have never encountered before. That’s why the Purdue Foundry has developed a series of self-paced workshops or Jet Packs as we like to call them. These virtual, content-rich workshops allow founders to find the information they need, when they need it.

Need to better understand ecosystem mapping? Want to iterate on your value proposition or business model and need some inspiration? Grab a Jet Pack and you’ll be flying in no time.


6-week cohort-based program designed to help founders avoid the #1 reason startups.

  • Validate problem-market fit
  • Customer archetyping
  • Value proposition design
  • Market sizing

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Testing Business Ideas

Early-stage startup validation that reduces risk and attracts investors.

  • Testing methodologies
  • Iterative learning
  • Metrics-driven
  • Evidence-based

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