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The Purdue Foundry offers programming that is proven to help innovators ideate, validate, launch and scale startups – moving from idea to real, measurable impact with agility and speed. Our programs take a systematic approach to derisking the startup process, helping founders be more efficient, more connected to their customer and more appealing to investors. This is your one-stop resource for programs, services and community events that support founders with a systematic approach from concept through execution.


Ideating or planning your mission is a critical first step. Our signature Firestarter program is now a short introduction to startup ideation designed for first-time founders who have an idea they think could be something. But simply having an idea or a technology does not ensure success. First-time founders often struggle to clearly define the problem they are solving and connecting that problem to the market segment that is feeling the pain most acutely. In fact, according to CB Insights, of the startups that fail, 42% don’t succeed due to lack of or ill-defined market need. That’s why the Purdue Foundry has developed the Ignite program to help founders derisk their ideas before launching their company.


Validating your idea through customer discovery can make a founder feel like there’s nothing that can stop them. But don’t let that feeling blind you to the risks at this phase. You may have clearly defined problem-market fit, but what a customer says doesn’t always align with what a customer does, much less what they are is willing to pay for. Before launching a startup, there are a series of calibrations founders should make aimed at reducing the risk of failure along the way. Purdue Foundry Liftoff  is a series of self-paced workshops looking to test founders’ hypotheses and iterate on their ideas, solutions and business models based on real data.


You’ve tested your ideas, validated your flight path and you’re stepping onto the launchpad. But no astronaut makes that flight alone. It takes a team – both in the spacecraft and in mission control. That’s why we designed the Boost accelerator program along with several self-paced workshops. Our cohort-based Boost program is designed for high-potential startups looking for investment capital and access to industry and entrepreneurial experts. For founders who may not be looking for dilutive investments, we have self-paced workshops that can help guide you along the way. Ready to take flight? Let us help you blast off.


Your mission is well underway. You’ve started your company and have recurring revenue – congratulations! You have mitigated many of the risk factors that kill early stage startups…but there are a lot of hidden obstacles that can still pop up in your path. That’s why speed and agility are critical in early stage startups. Finding the right partners and a repeatable, reliable sales model is key for this phase. Our Velocity program is designed to help you find that repeatable model so you can begin working on a capitalization strategy that can help you accelerate your growth, helping to avoid a long and often dangerous runway.

Jet Packs

Time-of-need Online Courses

Moving from idea to impact is a daunting task and for first time founders, the path is riddling with concepts, topics, and challenges they have never encountered before. That’s why the Purdue Foundry has developed a series of self-paced workshops or Jet Packs as we like to call them. These virtual, content-rich workshops allow founders to find the information they need, when they need it.

Need to better understand ecosystem mapping? Want to iterate on your value proposition or business model and need some inspiration? Grab a Jet Pack and you’ll be flying in no time.


6-week cohort-based program designed to help founders avoid the #1 reason startups.

  • Validate problem-market fit
  • Customer archetyping
  • Value proposition design
  • Market sizing

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Testing Business Ideas

Early-stage startup validation that reduces risk and attracts investors.

  • Testing methodologies
  • Iterative learning
  • Metrics-driven
  • Evidence-based

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