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Congratulations! You’ve launched your startup and you have paying customers. Now the scaling operation begins – which is no small feat. And while scaling any startup requires building the right team, implementing marketing and sales strategies and managing finances, there are nuances that are unique to each new business.

At the Purdue Foundry, we not only understand that your business is unlike every other startup, we have planned for that. Learn more about our customized approach to helping startups scale.

A good sales person can close a deal. A person who understands the problem and empathize with the customer can build the right solution and keep an account. A founder must be both. Short of deep personal experience, it is paramount that a founder engage in strategic and consistent interactions with real customers to deeply understand them and provide them with value.


Landon Young


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The Purdue Foundry takes a customized approach to helping startups scale because we understand that every founder and every founding team brings a unique set of skills to the table. We also understand that you’ve worked hard to differentiate your startup so scaling that value proposition will require an individualized approach as well.

Velocity works with each founding team to understand where they need extra support. Those needs may range from specific programming or 1:1 coaching to temporary or long-term team support. You may need help putting an executive team together or perhaps your regulatory strategy is particularly challenging. Don’t worry, Velocity is designed to uncover  your startup needs and help find the right resources to accelerate your growth.

Jet Packs

Time-of-need Online Courses

Moving from idea to impact is a daunting task and for first time founders, the path is riddling with concepts, topics, and challenges they have never encountered before. That’s why the Purdue Foundry has developed a series of self-paced workshops or Jet Packs as we like to call them. These virtual, content-rich workshops allow founders to find the information they need, when they need it.

Need to better understand ecosystem mapping? Want to iterate on your value proposition or business model and need some inspiration? Grab a Jet Pack and you’ll be flying in no time.


6-week cohort-based program designed to help founders avoid the #1 reason startups.

  • Validate problem-market fit
  • Customer archetyping
  • Value proposition design
  • Market sizing

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Testing Business Ideas

Early-stage startup validation that reduces risk and attracts investors.

  • Testing methodologies
  • Iterative learning
  • Metrics-driven
  • Evidence-based

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