Flight School: Perfecting the Pitch

Pitching your startup is a skill that is acquired through practice, iteration and repetition. Like the astronaut who prepares for flight, founders need to undergo training before pitching. First, there is the education – what goes into your deck and how will you tell your story? Second, how do you perfect your storytelling to ensure you’re engaging the audience and that the pitch is timed perfectly? And third, how do you prepare for questions? Even those questions that seemingly come from another planet?

The answer is practice and coaching from experienced entrepreneurs and investors who can offer insights and feedback. Pitching is an iterative process. Your story and your deck will evolve over time and with the right input.

But where do you get the right input? Introducing Flight School. The Purdue Foundry not only helps you identify and create the content required to build a good deck, we also schedule practice pitch sessions with professionals who can offer insights and suggestions to help with delivery and timing. These professionals will also engage you in Q & A sessions so you can begin preparing for questions that venture capitalists may ask.

If you’re preparing your pitch, reach out to the Purdue Foundry. We’d be happy to help you.

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Perfecting Your Pitch

Register here to practice your pitch in front of a group of industry experts. Give us information about your upcoming pitch competition or meeting and we will help with timing, practice Q&A and offer advice on both storytelling/presentation as well as content/messaging.

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