The Startup Foundry helps startups prepare for venture investment. Our team works with early-stage startups looking for their first-money-in and prepares them to raise their first seed round. This is done by offering early-stage funding, entrepreneur-in-residence support, enhanced pitch coaching, graphic design services, and an emphasis on increasing traction.  

Pitch competitions we support include: 

  • Black & Gold Awards: up to 5 Black Awards ($30K investment) and 3 Gold Awards ($100K investment) awarded to Purdue-affiliated startups each semester  Learn more
  • Ag-Celerator: up to $100K investment made into Purdue-affiliated Agriculture startups each semester Learn more

In addition to supporting early-stage startups, we also work closely with Purdue Ventures to support our portfolio companies and ensure our coaching & advice is mirroring what our investor network is looking for.   

If you’re a startup interested in gaining your first investment, reach out to our team for a consultation and we’ll direct you to programs and opportunities that are the best fit for you. 

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