Connecting Talent with Opportunities

Working with promising startups often means the Purdue Foundry has the inside track on job openings. We thought this might be an opportunity for us to help connect founders and management teams with promising talent. Below is a list of job opportunities available with our startups.

Executive Team Management

Finding the right talent to fill C-suite and early management roles in a startup can be a big challenge. The Purdue Foundry leverages its considerable network to not only help startups find the right person for the job, we also help find the right job for the right person. If you have entrepreneurial experience, the right skills and lots of grit, take a look at some of the opportunities available with our startups. If you’re not finding a position that fits your skill set, reach out to us at

If you’re a founder looking to connect with potential C-Suite partners, Please let us know. You can reach out to Baylee Neff at

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Early Team

Being an early employee at a startup is an exciting opportunity for people with an entrepreneurial spirit and the willingness to do everything within their job description and more. If you’re looking to go the extra mile, take a look at some of these exciting opportunities below.

If you’re looking to fill a position, please contact Baylee Neff at to submit a job posting.

Interested in Mentoring a Startup?