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A robust startup ecosystem cannot thrive without funding. And while fundraising is a critical part of scaling a startup, raising pre-seed and seed capital can be particularly challenging in the Midwest. That’s why the Purdue Foundry offers a variety of programs and coaching services to help founders learn best practices, hone your pitching skills, support your research, and even facilitate introductions when you’re ready.

If you’re an active member of our ecosystem and interested in learning about the funding opportunities and strategic support offered by the Purdue Foundry, reach out to us at foundry@prf.org. We’re here to help!

Our Investment Funds

Having invested over $12 million since its formation, Purdue Ventures manages multiple pools of capital in collaboration with the University ecosystem and local Corporations enabling Purdue startups to improve the world. In order to support various technologies coming out of the Purdue University as well as student or alumni founders, each fund we manage has a different investment thesis. We invite you to learn more about those funds by clicking the links below.


Established in 2015, the Purdue Ag-Celerator is an investment fund that has recently expanded its thesis to include any startups looking to commercialize Purdue intellectual property or Purdue “know-how” technologies related to or impacting agriculture. Startups with life science technologies related to advancing crop traits, generating higher yields, advancing breeding technologies are considered and startups using big data to improve farm management, technologies finding new uses for plants and some food science startups are also eligible to apply.

The Ag-Celerator conducts two pitch competitions of up to $100,000 in dilutive investments each. Click here to earn more about eligibility requirements and application deadlines.

Foundry Investment Fund

Purdue University has been ranked the No. 5 most innovative university in the United States by US News and World Report. Our strong portfolio of healthcare and life sciences innovations is just one example of how we support innovation within our Purdue community. The Foundry Investment Fund is a side-car fund that supports life science innovation by matching up to 30% of institutional capital investments made in Purdue-affiliated startups. If you have a life sciences startup that is raising a round of capital, contact us at foundry@prf.org to learn how we might be able to help.

Purdue Startup Fund

The Purdue Startup Fund is a partnership between the Purdue Research Foundation and the University Development Office designed to maximize Purdue’s commitment to serving others through the commercialization of innovations through early-stage investments. If you are an early-stage, Purdue-affiliated startup, contact us to learn more about this opportunity.

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