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The Purdue Foundry has invested over $10 million in Purdue-affiliated startups.

If you are interested in partnering or investing with the Purdue Foundry, please contact us at foundry@prf.org.

Where novel chemistry and drug design and development come together
Earlier detection of debilitating disease
Animated Dynamics uses a patented approach to accurately predict how a tumor will respond to various chemotherapy treatments
A new era for intelligent assets
Advancing research in Autism and Fragile X Syndrome to bring to market a solution that treats core social and communication impairments
A secure mobile platform for health systems
Anonymous Job Search
Empowering everyone to grow pure produce
Easy, Sustainable and hygienic food drying empowered by the sun
A secure on-premises/cloud genomics software solution for non-programming life sciences
Biotechnology focused on the development and delivery of novel treatments and preventions for fibrotic and inflammatory diseases
A secure mobile platform for health systems
Fracture-targeted technology that keeps people moving
A secure mobile platform for health systems
 FDA-cleared personalized analytics that learns a patient’s baseline to detect subtle changes in health
Precision plot phenotyping for the next generation
Robotic soil testing delivering accurate data and results you can trust
A speech aid for people with Parkinson’s Disease

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