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You’re an innovator, a researcher, a maker. You see solutions where others just experience problems. At the Purdue Foundry, we’re purveyors of opportunity, facilitators of progress and connectors of problem-solvers to resources. We have mentors, Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EIRs) and a team of experienced founders at the ready. All looking forward to enabling your progress. Join us for a workshop, a cohort or a one-on-one session to learn more about how we empower startups that impact the world.





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Startup Toolkit

From idea to scale, our mission is to help you grow your impact.


Plan Your Mission


Determine Viability


Blast Off


Propel to Success

IDEATE: Plan Your Mission

You have an idea. A new technology or innovation that the world needs. This is where you’ll explore, refine and validate the need for that idea.

  • Cohort-based startup discovery program
  • Market segmentation
  • Customer discovery
  • Validate problem-market fit

VALIDATE: Determine Viability

You’ve defined the problem and found your customer. Now it’s time to validate your business model and define your go-to-market strategy.

  • Self-paced workshops
  • Validation methodologies
  • Customer acquisition strategies
  • Product-market fit

LAUNCH: Blast Off

You’ve validated product-market fit with experiments. You’ve defined your go-to-market strategy and have a team in place. Now it’s time to get your product into the hands of your early adopters.

  • Competitive, cohort-based accelerator
  • Designing customer feedback loops
  • Navigating the regulatory pathway
  • Flight School: Perfecting the Pitch

SCALE: Propel to Success

The business is young and still a bit unsteady, but you have recurring revenue. We help find the strategic assistance you need to generate more revenue and take your idea to the next level.

  • Growth hacking workshops
  • Financial workshops
  • Strategic fundraising
  • 1:1 Coaching

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